Moving forward beautifying our community by tearing old dilapidated fences down and replacing them with new white fencing. This project is not just for beautifying is increasing the value of every homeowners home.

These 3 projects are for 2018:

(2) $5,000.00 grants were earned by the President and Chairman of the Architectural Committee. One will be utilized for erecting an 8' foot, cinder block wall, 50' foot across in the back of the playground to prevent other communities from coming into our park and not respecting all equipment/playground. Signs clearly state if you are not a homeowner you cannot be in the park without the homeowner being present.

The second $5,000.00 grant will be utilized for a basketball court to be erected in the back of the modular (Sheriff's Office satellite/HOA Office).

Also, another homeowner obtained a grant and she is erecting a community garden directly behind the modular (Sheriff's Office satellite/HOA Office).

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