My background is mainly Education. I have either spearheaded or been part of a variety of groups/organizations from the age of twelve to present and gained many years of experience in areas such as the performing arts, youth and social development, healthy living, community development, leadership and group dynamics just to name a few. I have been the Vice President of the Lantana Homes HOA, since February 28, 2015. I came on to the board with an expressed desire to work with other directors to make this community an extremely viable one. Since I came on as director there were many challenges that lead us to redevelop the park, replace the prison color painted fence to a more appealing white appearance, beautification at the entrance, Christmas lighting competition, Fall Festival to bring the community together and to create a community spirit. We have many more future projects which include the basketball court and many more. These are all in aid of improving home values and create a better community spirit. I will continue to work in unity with the President and other directors to build this community to the best community in Palm Beach County and the state as a whole.

Michael Alexander

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